Due to the COVID outbreak, we will be suspending Little Thunder & Mega Thunder sessions until further notice. We will post the new dates when they become available, please check back.



All knowledge flows through the higher consciousness of each individual on this planet.  The intent of The Thunder Sessions, is to bring this knowledge together.  

The Thunder Sessions are an interactive experience, open to individuals from all walks of life … this is a neutral platform for sharing and learning, with no judgment. 

These sessions assist individuals in developing a greater understanding of our physical and spiritual states of being.  Attendees learn how to tap into the vast knowledge that we all possess but have locked away … while also learning how to connect with our spirit guides & teachers.

Each session operates as an open forum, encouraging discussion, allowing individuals to share and ask questions.  One’s level of understanding does not matter; these sessions are open to individuals just starting their journey or those seeking to expand their current knowledge.  It's a great opportunity to learn and recognize our oneness with the spirit realm.

Keep watching this space, we will post when each Thunder Session becomes available.  You can also follow us on Facebook to receive updates on future events;

. We hope to see you there!